Top 3 Crucial Mistakes Sellers Make…

… And How To Avoid Them

Ever wonder why a burger in a fast food restaurant costs $4.99, including fries and a drink, while it is $14.99, plus fries and a drink, in a fine dining restaurant? Exactly!  It is the whole package, from the way you are treated the moment you open the door, to the seating, attention from the staff, food preparation, taste of the food, all the way out the door. You may even have a manager stop by to make sure you are completely satisfied. In a fast food restaurant, the only time a manager stops by, if there is one, is when it is so bad that you can’t stand it any more and made too much noise. And you may need to buy 2 or 3 burgers just to quench your hunger. You sort of get what you paid for.

The same is true when selling your home. You don’t have to go all out, but trying to save can actually cost more. So here are the 3 most common mistakes sellers make.


Shopping For Discounts

Focusing on a discount by listing with a flat fee or discount broker is often met with additional fees, lack of market knowledge, and overpriced or underprice property. Having your house ready for the market and listed at the right price will sell it quicker, for more money, and more than offsetting the “extra cost” of listing with a broker you can trust.

Read the fine print, quite often while there is no “commission” you may find a “listing fee”, or some sort of a fee that is often higher than the commission you would normally pay.


Not Disclosing

By not disclosing known deficiencies, you are risking a buyer walking away and having to start all over again. Or worse, if the problem was covered up just to be discovered after the closing. This can be a very costly mistake.

When in doubt, Disclose. 


Worrying About Little Things

No matter how you sell the house, there are some costs that someone will have to pay. Ask your agent to help you understand the cost of selling the house up front. You will find that the cost you are concerned about may be less than $500.

If you were selling a used lawnmower for $300, and you agreed to sell it for $295. After a buyer checked out the lawnmower, and found out there is a missing screw, then he asked you to fix it or to lower the price to $294.50. Would you adjust the price or go to the store to get a screw?

Look at the big picture.


Skipping on Cleaning and Staging

Presentation goes a long way. Just like the burger story above, your food will taste better if it looks better. It is a proven fact that homes that are clean and staged sell quicker and for a higher price.

Spend a little time to get the house cleaned and staged.

The transactions are not always this simple, but you want to have someone with you to point you the right way, and help you win in the end.

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